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Licensed Home Inspection 140 Hour Program


The Housing Inspection Foundation &  The Association of Construction Inspectors Approved and Accredited - NYS Dept. of State Licensed Program

 Joe Garcia, CEI, is the Home Inspection Administrator, a seasoned home inspector, and a tenured professor who teaches for our school. Bill Merrell, Ph.D., co-teaches the Module 1, 2, 3 and 4 programs. Other Schools have attempted to unethically use our proprietary manuals, handouts and books to try to compete with us! We are so far ahead of each school with Smart Boards, dozens of props to use in class, with a Low student to teacher ratio and a program that is complete within 2-3 months.

You have a choice of taking the NYS EXAM or the NHIE EXAM. WE RECOMMEND THE NYS EXAM !




NEW CLASS WILL BEGIN December 6th, 2021 (Monday Evening)
"As per  The American Society of Home Inspectors-A.S.H.I.",  

With Licensed Training  ~ Start A Career in Home Inspection- You could Average $ 76,000 Annually!"




Need flexibility or payment arrangements? Call Bill C. Merrell, Ph.D. We can work to meet your needs and NYS state guidelines. We desire to work with you and want you to be a successful inspector. Cooperation is a two way street. We expect students to be ready to learn, be respectful, and we will do what we can to help you succeed. 90% attendance is required in Module 1, 2, 3 and 4. 

 Home Inspection Licensing Program - SIGN UP WITH A $ 500.00 Deposit to the School 631-563-7720


Next program to begin December 6th, 2021!


Modules 1, 2, 3 and 4 are $ 495.00 per class plus $ 500.00 for materials, books and handouts.

 We Discount the Class Cost Significantly When You Attend All 4 or 5 Modules With Us.

Modules 1-5 is Discounted to $ 1,995.00 - SAVING YOU THOUSANDS $$

Modules 1, 2, 3, 4:  $ 1495.00- Discounted  program.

Modules 1,2,3,4,5: $ 1,995.00 Discounted program.



Licensed Home Inspection 140 Hour Program - Classroom Course:


Home Inspection Licensing is to begin December 6th, 2021


MODULE 1: Dec. 6, 7, 8, 9 (4 eves 6-10:30pm)  Dec. 11 (1 Sat 8-2pm) 25 hours including Mod. 1 Final Exam

MODULE 2: Dec. 13, 14, 15, 16, 20, 21 (6 evenings 6-10:30pm) 25 hours including Mod. 2 Final Exam

MODULE 3: Dec. 27, 28, 29, 30, Jan. 3, 4 (6 evening 6-10:30pm)  25 hours including Mod. 3 Final Exam

HOLIDAY BREAK !-WE WILL RESUME ON 1-3-2022-Happy Holidays !

MODULE 4: January 5, 6, 10, 11, 12, 13 (6 evenings 6-10:30pm)  25 hours including Mod. 4 Final Exam

We Hope You Schedule The NYS Exam At This Time Once Module 4 is Complete ! Contact NYS at (518) 474-4429 for Details and Dates !


Sign Up with a $ 500.00 Deposit Payment Schedule can be arranged to help our students pay for the program

MODULE 5 - 40 hours typically on Saturdays to be determined by students to accommodate the class schedule

Module 5 Class will be Proctored by A NYS Licensed Home Inspector


School Program located at 1461-16 Lakeland Avenue, Bohemia, NY 11716


 All that is needed is a $ 500.00 Deposit when you Sign Up for the 140 Hour Home Inspection Program.

Balance or Installment Arrangement to be paid when you pick up your books!

If You Need Installment Payments, speak with Dr. Merrell when you register

Modules 1-4: $ 1,495.00 Discounted Price -or-  Modules 1-5: $ 1,995.00 Discounted Price 

~ Heating System ~ Cooling System ~ Plumbing System ~ Electrical System ~ Structural Components

 No Experience is necessary to become a Home Inspector in NYS.

Program takes approximately 2.5 months to complete the 140 Hour Program.

Module 5 is 40 hours of Actual Home Inspections (10 Homes)

Evenings are 6:00pm to 10:30pm, and Saturdays or Sundays are 8am to 2pm


Module 5 Program 10 inspections on Saturdays from 8am - 5pm, which meets the 40 hour inspection requirement. Your time writing the report is in addition to the 40 hours spent in the field.

Students are to submit each Inspection report to the School for Review. This way, you improve your skill as you improve what is written on your report cards

Each Module 5 class an Saturday and/or Sunday - giving you  the 40 hours required in weekend days.

The only concern is weather and the safety of students. Once licensed, you do not have to work for a company. You can, if you wish, or you can open your own company. 

We ask each student to offer 2 homes (A MINIMUM OF 2 HOMES IS REQUESTED AS PART OF THE PROGRAM) To allow us to inspect each home as part of Module 5. We ask you for your assistance. Once you finish Module 5, you will receive all of your NYS CERTIFIED/RAISED SEAL certificates within 2-3 weeks after Module 5 are approved.


Upon completion of all 5 Modules, We include for our Students


*       Inspection pdf program and pre-inspection agreement written for NYS Home Inspectors (A $ 400.00 value)

*       Home Inspector Yellow Pages Listing - up to 2 years listing (A $ 500 value)

*       North American Association Network Membership , up to 1 year (A $600 value)

*       InterNACHI Membership Free access to all InterNACHI Materials and First month no charge (Worth hundreds of dollars)

*       National Professional Association Affiliation -minimum of 1 year (A $ 395.00 Value)

*       Test Question Prep to practice for State Exam-test ? thru InterNACHI and the Marcia Spada Manual (A $$$ Value)

*       Housing Inspection Foundation - 1 YEAR (Save $ 250.00; Year One Only $ 60.00)

*       Association of Construction Inspectors - 1 YEAR (Save $ 250.00; Year One Only $ 60.00)



*       Save $$ Thousands $$ in Memberships, Web Listings, Books & Digital Materials that is included in our Program !

*       Why pay more at a school that needs to charge more to pay for hotel seminar rooms, etc.?

Many of these offers only occur when the student successfully completes All 5 Modules at our school


If you are asked to leave the program for disciplinary reasons, you are not entitled a refund for the classes you attended, including those you have not yet completed.

When Module 4 ends and Module 5 begins there will be a several week break. During this break, you can practice on your own home, a neighbors home or family members home. Once you have written the report, make an appointment with the school owner, Bill C. Merrell, Ph.D.,  and we will review your report with you in attendance and this will help you understand that all the materials you learned in Modules 1, 2, 3, and 4 and actually written in Module 5. Each one of these reports normally would cost a student $ 300.00. We offer these reviews free of charge but we cannot force a student to do the extra wok. We recommend it to get used to Module 5, but again cannot mandate you do extra reports.


 Many schools are known for turning a blind eye to actual learning and we do not do that. We teach you how to be successful. If you follow instructions, expect to learn what you need to master the materials of Home Inspection. You are responsible to study for each Exam and take the time necessary to pass the NHIE or NYS FINAL EXAM to become Licensed in NYS.


  •   Module 1: $ 495.00 individually plus $ 500.00 Book Fees

  •   Module 2: $ 495.00 individually plus $ 500.00 Book Fees

  •   Modules 1 + 2: $ 1150.00 including Module. 1 & 2 Book Fees

  •   Module 3: $ 495.00 individually plus  $ 500.00 Book Fees

  •   Modules 1 + 2 + 3: $ 1400.00 including Book Fees for Module 1, 2 and 3

  •   Module 4: 495.00 individually plus $ 500.00 Book Fees

  •   Modules 1, 2, 3, + 4: $ 1495.00 including Book Fees (Multiple Books, Manuals and Forms) AS LONG AS YOU TAKE MODULE 5 WITH US

  •  ORTHE MODULE 1, 2, 3, 4, Bundle is $ 1495.00 with Module 5

  •   Modules 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5: $ 1,995.00 including Book Fees  (Multiple Books, Manuals, Forms, pdf files, memberships, etc.) 

  • This is our least expensive bundle we offer for all 5 modules! which includes all added materials.

  •   We may charge additional for the Books you Received and Signed for in Module 1 if you do not finish the entire program.

  •  The Discount applies to the last class attended and/or scheduled.

  • Module 5 alone is $ 1,400.00 including materials charge of $ 275.00

  • Module 5 is discounted to $ 500.00 as part of program Modules 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 - (All these are Included With Modules 1,2, 3, 4 and 5) 7 PDF manuals, 1 manual for classroom operations and 2 Course Books.

  • Proctor will oversee your performance in Module 5, and same report will be graded by the school and a report card generated for each completed report to the extent necessary.

RETAIL PRICE FOR OUR PROGRAM, IF YOU DO NOT REQUEST A BUNDLE IS IN EXCESS OF $ 3,500.00-Save Thousands with One of Our Bundles Listed Above!

  •   Attendance Requirements as follows:

  •   90% attendance required in each Module for Modules 1, 2, 3 and 4

  •  100% attendance required in Module 5- We clock the time to make sure all students meet the 40 hour requirement


 call us at 631-563-7720 for further information.  Fax with deposit to: 631-563-7719  or Mail to:

Merrell Institute  1461-16 Lakeland Ave, Bohemia, NY 11716




 Need a NYS Application, Call NYS at 518-474-4429.

All the extras ONLY apply if you attend the entire program. (ALL 140 Hours)

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   Click Here to visit the Housing Inspection Foundation homepage.            Click Here to visit the Assocaition of Construction Inspectors homepage.    Click Here to visit the Environmental Assessment Assocaition homepage.   ASTM InternationalApproved by the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors

Program/Modules are NYS, Dept. of State approved!  We are committed to the success of the Licensing Education program for Home Inspectors! Our programs are also approved by multiple Home Inspection organizations.  Dr. Merrell is a participating member of ASTM International to assist in the development of Uniform Standards for Home Inspectors Nationwide. Additionally, Bill is a member of INTERNACHI's Education Committee and he serves as the National Education Chair for the Housing Inspection Foundation as well as Environmental Assessment Association.  You must possess a High School Diploma, GED or it's equivalent. There are On-line High School Programs available for Mature Adults who want their High School Diploma.. You can also prep for the GED Exam through the following web site at: http://www.instantcert.com/gedhome.html  Much Luck and success in your career.



Once You Become a Home Inspector, you may consider Mold Inspection as well. Mold Assessment and Termite are separate licenses in NYS.







Housing Inspection Foundation:  www.hif-assoc.org

Environmental Assessment Association:  www.eaa-assoc.org

Association of Construction Inspectors:  www.aci-assoc.org

North American Association Network: www.northamericanassociationnetwork.com

National  Professional Association  www.nationalprofessionalassociation.org

NACHI/InterNACHI:  www.nachi.org

Appraisal Education Network School & Merrell Institute

NYS approved our entire 140 hour program-Click here to sign up!

Steps to Become a NY State Home Inspector  631-563-7720

1 Determine if this is the right career for you. YOU NEED a 140 Hour NY State Approved Course
Many people come to us and they have never seen a home inspection performed. Crawling under homes may not be your idea of a fun day. Also, this business requires good people skills and the ability to sell yourself.
2 Set up your business properly.   YOU NEED a 140 Hour NY State Approved Course
Decide the structure of your business; corporation, partnership, etc. with the help of a good small business accountant and attorney. Develop a relationship with your bank. Set-up good business practices early.
3 Research your marketplace.   YOU NEED a 140 Hour NY State Approved Course
How many homes are sold in the area you will be serving? How many of those homes get inspected? How many other inspectors are in that area? What are the fees charged by your competition? Who are your potential clients?.
4 Create a business plan.    YOU NEED a 140 Hour NY State Approved Course
Whether you have never been in business for yourself or are a seasoned veteran, the importance of a business plan is critical for success. By answering all the questions addressed in a working business plan you will create a road map for success.
5 Choose a market position.    YOU NEED a 140 Hour NY State Approved Course
Too many companies simply copy the marketing messages of the competition. To get people to switch to your service you need to give them a fantastic reason to change. Do not sell your service simply based on price. Many standard market positions exist, such as, innovation, speed, experience, quality, etc. Make sure your chosen position fits your personality.
6 Choose a reporting system that fits your style and budget.    YOU NEED a 140 Hour NY State Approved Course
The inspection report can be your biggest marketing tool and your largest expense. A wide variety of reporting methods are available today. Computers can assist you in report creation but can be a large up front expense. When considering the cost of your inspection report remember to factor in the time you or an assistant will spend behind the computer into the costs. Typical narrative reports cost between $5 and $60 to produce. On-site  forms make delivery of your report when you complete the inspection easy. If you are computer phobic these on-site reporting forms may be the answer. Many inspectors select internet inspection products. others use checklists.
7 Be sure you understand the scope of the work.   YOU NEED a 140 Hour NY State Approved Course
From the outside looking in, home inspection may appear to be an easy job. Well it's not! Understanding all the systems in a home and having the ability to recognize the red flags is an extremely complex task. The liability of inspecting a home without proper knowledge and training is tremendous. Choose your training with care. Compare the opportunities carefully. Not all are equal. Look for courses given at NY State licensed schools. Ask how long the course is and what materials are included. What is the cost of the program?  What are the credentials of the instructors and the school? Will you be allowed to upgrade your training or return for additional training at discount prices?
8 Prepare yourself well for your new business.    YOU NEED a 140 Hour NY State Approved Course
If you have never been in business before, then you might need additional training in specialized areas such as business management, accounting or public speaking. Remember that the better you prepare yourself for success the more likely success will come to you. We offer free Small Business Administration courses to help you here as well. Go to www.merrellinstitute.com  then click on the Yellowpages box, then on Small Business Administration Courses. They are Free and we are pleased to make them available to you.

We are happy to send you a free brochure to help you get started in the home inspection business. For your free schedule simply download it from our web site or call us at 631-563-7720 and we will mail it to you. We can also send it to you via e-mail. E-mail us at merrelled@gmail.com

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