Request for Records, Transcripts, etc.

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1461-16 Lakeland Ave., Bohemia, NY 11716  (Mark it Records Request with proper payment and  return envelope)

You have reached this site because you need specific documents, duplicate certificates, etc. We have compiled detailed information to guide you through this process, and make this request easier for you and easier for us to retrieve your needed documents. All records associated with our school are maintained on stand alone computer systems with no internet access. This protects the privacy of each of our students. We charge a fee for duplicate certificate. Fees are listed below! We will attempt to process your written request within 10 days from the time we receive your paid request. Follow the request listed below! Send the fees and return envelope. We will process your request in the order received. We process orders that are complete as quickly as we can. We do not give same day, phone requests. Please follow all instructions. We appreciate your cooperation and compliance with our rules. 

Need Duplicate Certificates within the past 3 years? (Over 3 Years, See below!) Cost is $ 15.00 per duplicate certificate.  (allow us up to 10 days for us to retrieve your records from the date of your written request with payment-certificates over 3 years old require an additional fee- see below!) We will  mail your certificates to the address you specify-PLEASE include a self addressed, stamped first class envelope. You can also send us a pre-paid overnight package from the post office and we will send the certificate in same envelope-we do not take responsibility for lost or mis-directed mail) To process this request, send us ALL OF the following: 1. LEGAL NAME    2. ADDRESS    3. YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER    4. THE COURSE COMPLETION DATE MONTH and YEAR  5. A Telephone number which allow us to communicate with you if we cannot find your course completion information. We are required to keep records as per NY State Dept of State regulations for up to 3 years.  We cannot guarantee that we have your records if they exceed the time mandated by NY State. Records prior to 1998 are no longer available since we have changed our computer records system as of that date. Records between 1998 and 9-1-03 are available, and must be researched- there is an added $ 40 fee for 1 hour of research to verify course completion-see records over 3 years old section!) Ethics and Standards Course is no longer offered effective January 1, 2003. The State of New York, as per regulations of the Appraisal Foundation now mandates the New National USPAP Course. USPAP course duplicate certificates will NOT include a grade, only "PASS" if the student successfully completed the course and passed the exam-75% required. Grades are not available and are deemed confidential as per Appraisal Foundation regulations!  For R-1, R-2, AQ-1, G-1, G-2, G-3, Home Inspection Module 1, 2, 3 and 4,  the passing grade required in New York State is 70%. This is a Pass/Fail course. Numerical Grades are not listed on the certificates. If you require further research or a numerical grade a separate letter affidavit must be ordered per course at the same $ 15.00 charge per grade affidavit, only if mandated by a state which requires grades. USPAP grades will NOT be issued unless permission is granted in writing by the Appraisal Foundation. Our License agreement prohibits release of this information.

Are You Being Audited for Appraiser Continuing Education Compliance? Send us your letter of audit, so we can capture the dates they are investigating. Notify us as to the course you attended and dates, and provide your Name, Social Security #, Course Titles/Dates and we will provide you with an Affidavit/Transcript to show the NY State Dept. of State that you met your Appraiser Continuing Education requirements during this period. Include a self addressed, stamped envelope and $ 15.00 per duplicate certificate requested. We will mail it to you within 10 days. Your cooperation and giving us all information will make this process quicker for us. Thank you for giving us all information needed. 

Need a Transcript for a different State? Cost per transcript $ 15.00 per course transcript. NY State does not accept a transcript to file to become a Licensed or Certified Appraiser. If you need certificates, not a course transcript, follow the steps above. You will need to give us all the information listed in the Duplicate Certificate paragraph, with specific details of courses completed and  dates. We keep records for  3 years as per NY State, Dept. of State regulations. You must provide the date of each course requested to be verified. Over 3 years, see below!

Need Specific Course Outlines for Other State Approval Requirements? We do not provide the National 15 Hour USPAP outline, since this outline is governed by the Appraisal Foundation and outlines should be requested by the Appraisal Foundation directly. Most states already have the Appraisal Foundation outlines on file. If you need  actual certificates of courses completed, follow the instructions above in the Duplicate Certificate Section. The actual outlines for each course is printed in the NY State Licensing Law section and it's linked here with a reprint for your benefit- Several students told us that these outlines did not exist-they do exist and they are available in the state licensing law and we have reproduced each one here to make your request simpler...research is the key to being a successful appraiser. CLICK HERE for State Course Outlines on-line- in print and available thru the State License law

Records over 3 Years Old. Are They Available? In the event you need records that exceed 3 years, although we are not required to keep older records or maintain record over 3 years, we will research your request and call you. The fees you will be charged will reflect the time required to research your request. We charge $ 40.00 per hour for research and processing your request.  Most charges do not exceed several hours of research time. We let you know the time frame needed and let you know the charges before we begin. Payment will be required before we ship the needed certificates. In the event you do not wish to pay for your archived data which we spent time to research,  you are under no obligation to pay for anything, and therefore we are not going to expend the time and man power verifying your attendance, verifying your passing scores, preparing duplicate certificates, placing  raised seals on each document and signing each certificate. We  are willing to help with your request, but their is a fee for this service.

We DO NOT accept Fax Requests. We require a self addressed stamped return envelope (your address printed on the envelope) with your written request. We will call you,  when we receive your request in writing. All payments must be included with your request, or will cannot process your request.  No exceptions to this rule and absolutely no telephone requests will be accepted. This policy will not be modified. We respect the privacy of our students and as such require all requests in writing to protect you.

Some students do not believe that the above policies apply to them. To be fair, we enforce this regulation on all students. Some have complained about this policy. Our policy is posted. All students are aware of the policy and it is for the benefit of all students. failure to follow this policy will result in a delay to your request. Do not forget to provide payment when requesting items listed above. You are requesting duplicates. Certificates have already been sent, and we are recreating new certificates for you.