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Power Saver Home- Save 25% on Your Electric Bill!  POWER SAVER-Power Star

   by Power Saver Home- The Green Revolution for your home electricity usage

   Attaches to an outlet, simply plug it in

   Make sure the outlet is 70 feet or closer to breaker box. The closest one works the best to the circuit breaker

   Saves up to 35% per month on your electricity bill. average savings is around 8% to 22% for a typical home with standards   

   appliances. Your savings will vary.

   Acts as a voltage stabilizer by storing energy for under 10 seconds maximum

   Reduces the amount of energy drawn from power supply since it allows the stored energy to be used when there is a drop -  

   while storing electricity during spikes, which otherwise would not be used and would be grounded out. Losing the power.

   Product Can Pay for itself in several months, not to mention the savings to your appliances.

   Retails via the internet for $ 125.00 to 295.00 delivered

The Merrell Institute is using these devices and has seen a reduction in energy usage, although it seems to be around 11-14% based on a detailed analysis. That is more than expected and if it saves us even 5-10% in energy usage each month, this would be a positive event for the School, saving energy while helping to lower electric bills, with no reduction in usage. Take a look at the unit in our school- We are using 3. 1 for each breaker. The one which can be viewed is in the hallway to the classrooms. Do not disconnect it since it holds a charge, saving us money.

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We are offering this product for our cost of approx. $ 30.00 based on our wholesale price and shipping cost. It requires you to pick the POWER STAR POWER SAVER up. Call us at 631-563-7720 with questions and to reserve one. If we mail it to you, your cost including chipping/handling is $ 35.00


100% NEW.
How does it work :
The Power Saver use a state of the electrical technology to actively monitor and improve the power factor of your household or office appliances. 

In addition, the intelligent technology optimizes the voltage and current demands thus reducing the active power/ KwH demands and achieves up to 35% savings on your electricity bill. It reduces waveform distortions. It also acts as a voltage stabilizer by storing emery for up to 10 seconds and therefore suppliers the load with constant voltage during momentary power surges. As a result, this power saver prolongs lifespan of the electrical appliances 

Super intelligent digital energy saving equipment 
It uses a state of the art electrical technology to actively monitor and improve the power factor of your household / office appliances 
The technology optimizes the voltage and current demands to reduce the active power demands and achieves unto 35% savings on your electricity bill 
Lift the effectiveness of power usage and reduce the amount lost 
Just plug the saver into the wall socket closest to the meter, one signal phase household require one Power Saver 
Please make sure that it is installed as close as possible to the point of entry of your electricity supply in order to detect all loads before the meter and adjust the power factor accordingly 
Consumes no power 
Rate voltage: 110~250V, 50HZ/60HZ 
Working temperature: -15 degree to 60 degree 
Single phase model 
Use one power saver for every 18kW


You can view the Distributors I purchase the Units from. (They have a $ 70 special on the web site currently)

Power Savers

Would you pay for a glass of beer that contains half liquid and half bubbles? Pay for the size of the glass instead of the liquid you get to drink? That is similar to what you experience with appliances that have poor power factor.

Power Factor is the ratio between power that is used and power that is supplied. It’s a measure of how efficiently electricity is used. That is the amount of liquid with bubbles you pay for ‘vs’ the amount you get to drink.

If your Power Factor is below 1.00 you are paying for power you are not using. Power factor correction ensures that you get a full glass every time.

Doesn’t it make sense to eliminate this extra waste from your power bill today?

- Reduce electrical power loss by up to 35% and more
- Increase the 
power factor of inductive appliance
- Prolong the life of electric equipment by 1.5 times
- Improve quality of electricity supplies. Make stable and safe.
- Save up to 35% and more on electricity expense, results will vary. 

- Save up to 35% of expense on electricity bill
- Easy to use and no wiring needed. Just plug and start saving.
- Prolong your electrical appliances life span and maintenance cost.
- Enhance quality of electricity supplies.
- Reduce temperature of wire.

-Life of Unit 3 years

-100% legal

The representative who sells the units from Hawaii exclusively to our students is:

Aileen Siapno, 233 Anamuli St, Kahului, Hawaii, 96732