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New York State Appraisers, Home Inspectors, Realtors & other Licensed Dept. of State professionals:


You may have received a letter of complaint from the State of New York. (This complaint can come from anywhere)

You may have forgotten to send in your continuing education courses -or- you forgot to take the courses required in NY State.

You may have forgotten to change your address as mandated by New York State.


If you take all your continuing education with my school, I, Bill Merrell will represent you as an advocate at no charge as an Advocate. You are only expected to pay for any travel expenses, in the event I have to take a car service and train to New York City. If I am acting as an Expert, we will pre-discuss any fee charged. If you decide to use an attorney, I will continue as your expert at a discounted rate. I am here to help you.


I reserve the right to refuse assistance to any professional who is attempting to violate the law and does not understand that I work within the laws of New York State, and I believe that the men an women employed by New York State have a difficult job. I am here to assist you within the laws of New York State. I take my position very seriously.  I am here to negotiate a fair an equitable deal for you, and I am not charging you an Advocate fee. Again, I am not charging you a retainer, nor am I part of your E and O Insurance in which you must pre-pay your deductible to be represented. If you are one of my loyal students,  I charge you ZERO as your advocate. I, again, significantly discount any charges I may need to charge you for activities performed as your expert witness. The state has experts in their corner. You have a right to experts in your corner. Again, if at a later date you decide to employee an attorney, I will continue to represent you an your expert at a significantly reduced rate. I am here to help you. 


I just want you to be truthful with me. Sign the advocate form which I present to the state. Explain to me what actually happened. I need the truth. I believe the truth will benefit you significantly more than not telling the truth. I will work my butt off for you, as long as you promise to tell me the truth. 


We will then speak with the State, professionally, and we will do our best, based upon the charges against you, to negotiate a deal which is fair, equitable and reasonable for you, agreed to by New York State.  The Attorneys with the New York State, Dept. of State are fair people, and they are willing to listen to us. They want what is best for New York State and the parties that requested the complaint in the first place. They are hard working individuals who will hopefully consider our offers and counter offers.


The charges do not have to end up in a hearing. We have the ability to settle the case, which may include: continuing education, USPAP, a monetary fine and/or a license suspension. You are the boss here. If you do not like the NYS settlement offer, you can always say NO, & proceed to a NYS hearing. We can also request further negotiations, with the NYS, Dept. of State Attorney. You are always in control. I assist you.


You also have the right to hire private counsel any time you want.  Since your counsel will typically hire an expert, I will most likely still be working with you, even if you desire an attorney to be your representative.


I am an Advocate, "Your Certified Private Paralegal of Sorts", to show you how to navigate through the process of  charges against you and how to resolve the complaint in a way that protects your license and /or certification.  You have a right to have someone in your corner, representing you.

To date, I have represented, settled, and or documented requirements to NYS for hundreds of licensees in NYS to date. Further, I have been hired by New York State, Supreme Court; I have testified in District, New York State and Federal Courts; I have been employed by private attorneys; by Judges, by the FBI; by the Federal Reserve Bank; and by the Private Corporations. All has been based upon my background, which includes my experience, education and licensure, in New York State and Nationally.


I cannot guarantee your outcome. I can guarantee you one simple thing: I will be in your corner, assisting you to resolve your complaint ! 


Again, questions? Call me, Bill Merrell, Ph.D., at 631-563-7720.


Respectfully Submitted,

Bill C. Merrell  electronic signature

Bill C. Merrell, Ph.D.



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Advocate form:

 You can fill out and fax this to 631-563-7719 or scan it to me, after you have filled it out and signed it and send it to my email at: drmerrell@optonline.net  Attach the notice to me from New York State, so I know what we are dealing with.



Name________________________________________________________ Date______________________


License #__________________________________________ License Type:__________________________


I  request that Bill C. Merrell, Ph.D. represent me, at no charge as my Advocate, and speak on my behalf to the

employees and attorneys affiliated with the New York State, Dept. of State., Division of Licensing Services.

This Advocate agreement can be cancelled by either party at any time.


File Name and Number;___________________________ File Date: ___________________________________


Attorney for New York State:___________________________________________________________________


Attorney Phone #_____________________________ Attorney E-Mail Address:___________________________


I agree to give Bill C. Merrell, Ph.D. all documents necessary in order to understand the circumstances associated with

case, as presented by New York State.  If is possible that you have already spoken to New York State. If so, I request

to know all items said and what was the outcome of the conversations.


I further agree to meet with Bill Merrell and answer any and all questions regarding the complaint. Bill Merrell is doing this

to understand the circumstances associated with the complaint and/or hearing. Bill Merrell wants to be up-to-date on all

information associated with this situation.  Bill makes no guarantees, other than he will do his best, for a loyal student, and

all Bill asks for is that he be given truthful information associated with the situation.


In the event charges are incurred for expert testimony and or transportation to and from hearings, I agree to pay any and

all charges to Bill Merrell in advance, and agree to same.



Signed________________________________________________________ Dated________________________



Bill C. Merrell, Ph.D.

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If you need a 15 Hour USPAP Class plus the Final Exam, call Bill Merrell to see when the course is being offered at our school. If needed for NYS Disciplinary reasons, NYS will accept online 15 hour USPAP Class plus exam. Please contact the school below to enroll in their online program.