I have found many Professionals , like yourselves, have found healthcare difficult to obtain and afford. More important than just affordable, many have found it difficult to even obtain healthcare. There are sole proprietor plans out there. They can be no frills and inexpensive (well less expensive) and there are the bells and whistles policies (which cost more)

Here are some of the places to investigate, as follows:

Long Island Association Health Coverage Administered Plan:


P.L.C.S.I.- Dennis Supraner @ 914.592.6505 (Dennis also has great rates on E/O Insurance)


Smart Start Plan- You must follow their rules and Pick a Hospital, but they offer coverage which is viable- It is administered by HIP (formally Vytra)

As of 9-1-08  Monthly Premium for Sole Proprietors:  Single: $ 277.63; Plus 1: $ 583.02; Family: $ 749.61


Speak with each one, and check them out! I hope my investigation has been of benefit to you!

Bill C. Merrell, Ph.D.- School Director ?'s Call me at 631-563-7720

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